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Smalls (fka Lonnie)

We just wanted to provide an update on Lonnie who we rescued back in November. He is now known as Smalls (as in your killing me Smalls!) and has become a wonderful member of our family. He has graduated from obeidence class from Specks in Avon and is the sweetest, best tempered dog we have ever had. He loves to go for car rides, walks, and plays fetch everyday. Lately he has realized that if he lays on his back with his feet in the air, that mom and dad can't resist giving him a belly rub. He loves going to our lakehouse on the weekends and once it gets warm enough we are going to see how well he likes the water. Thank you to Love of Labs and his foster parents for all you have done for him. We are grateful that we were lucky enough to rescue such a wonderful dog.

Thank you,
Jeff and Anna Pennycuff



AshtonAfter adopting Ashton nearly six months ago, he has adjusted very well to his forever home. He has gained confidence after being a "Velcro dog" for the first few weeks. In fact, he is now certified as a Canine Good Citizen! I plan to take him to visit a local adult day care facility soon. He will love all the attention.
Love of Labs' original description was that "he doesn't even get on the furniture", but Ashton has overcome that flaw! He especially loves sleeping on the big bed at night by my feet. He has some abandonment issues and we learned the hard way that he needs to be crated when we are not home (how many slipper toes can one dog chew up? A lot!). He now goes right in the crate with a bone and a "cookie". It's not bribery. It's "training"!
Ashton is 5 years old now and gets along great with his big brother, Rex ( 7-1/2 year old, half yellow lab, half Golden Retriever). They wrestle and run and generally act like such boys together. Our two cats just roll their eyes at the two dogs!
A big THANK YOU to Love of Labs for making sure that Ashton was the right fit for our home. He truly has so much love and joy in his little body!

Mary Klee


ApolloWe adopted Apollo from LOLIN just a few weeks ago and we love him! He was an easy fit into our family and has already brought us so much joy. Our Husky Lina loves him, he is the perfect companion for her. He is my shadow, as well as my 6 year old son’s Hudson. He is so gentle with Hudson, and is just an amazing dog all around. All this dog wants is attention and love from us, and he is getting it in tenfold. Thanks LOLIN for making this process easy and finding just the right fit for us! We appreciate what you do! Thanks for saving Apollo and letting us add him to our pack!

Brandon, Michelle & Hudson Reeve



JosieSometimes a person just knows when a dog is meant for them. After losing our dog Nosey to cancer about a year and a half ago, we knew at some point in time we'd add another dog to our family. We even had names picked out. We met several likely candidates from the many LOLIN rescues we met but it never seemed as if we found the one dog who needed us. Then late this summer we met Josie. At the time she had only been with LOLIN about a month having come from Indpls Animal Care & Control as a stray. Even though she was a bit shy, it seemed understandable to us given her rocky start in life. We tossed around the idea of adopting her then but we figured as a puppy she would surely be snatched up by someone looking to add a puppy to their family. We'd done the whole puppy routine before and had decided our next dog would be an adult.

Fast forward another 6 weeks and Josie was still not adopted. Apparently her shy nature caused her to be passed up by potential adopters. Lucky for us, those adopters didn't see the potential in her that we saw. We adopted Josie on Oct 16th and it seems hard to believe just how quickly her personality has blossomed and how quickly she has become a part of our pack. She brings a smile to our faces daily with her energy and enthusiasm.

She does tend to take a lot of her guidance clues from our other dogs. Anything Buster thinks is OK she soon seems to be eager to try. She is now eager to go for car rides which is very important as she will soon be headed on vacation to the Gulf Coast in our RV. She does occasionally have to be reminded not to jump on people and not to chase the cats, but all in all she is fitting in nicely. We are so thankful to all the LOLIN volunteers who helped make Josie a part of our life.

Sue & Tom Brockus
Elvis, Buster, Harley, Scooter & now Josie



MontanaMany thanks to Love of Labs for bringing Montana to us! It's just been one week since his adoption, and Montana is already fitting right in. He's getting along with his two miniature pinscher brothers and is learning how to play. His favorite spot is on the couch where he can keep an eye on me and snuggle with his new brothers. Montana is looking forward to a short trip to Illinois for Thanksgiving where he will get to meet grandma and grandpa and the rest of the family. We will post more pictures so everyone can keep up to date on his latest adventures.




BrodyBrody is doing GREAT! He is well behaved, especially for a 2-year-old. We introduced him to the horses and after that first shock of seeing a four-legged creature considerably larger than he, has done well. He does want to play with them, and will bark at them, but they pretty much ignore him. He does maintain his distance in the pasture. We took him camping with the horses before Halloween for a couple of nights, and he did well for a first timer.

This is Brody with our 6 year old granddaughter. She tried to make him a gypsy. This was soon after we got him, so he adapted to our family quickly.

Nick and Helen



ChristianChristian is doing very well. My parents want to take him home with them. My father fell in love with Christian and Christian has been on two rides in the car with his Grandpa! haha Christian is a delightful addition to are family. We are so blessed to have found him! Enjoy the photos.

Cindy and Michael Schramm

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